California Nicole Foutch

Nicole Foutch – Chico, California

Oh well this is the typical California welfare mommy/hoe guys coming in and out of her kids lives fuking different dudes gets caught cheating. You know… her name is Nicole Foutch. As sad as I am to say this I dated this sloo bag. Her mom and sister are just as bad to if not worse. All of them come up with crazy a55 accusations and lies. Eventually Nicole will become a meth addict and loose her kids like all welfare mommy’s. She also got fired from her job at Sears for fuking around with a married guy name Alex Torres who she thinks is the greatest mexifry around but really he just sneaks out and fuks around other b1tches. Nicole tries to deceive you by acting like this self conscious woman who thinks she’s the worst person on earth (she should be thinking that) but it’s all for attention. You can bend over backwards for this b1tch to try and make you happy but she’ll still cheat on you lie about you tell you she had a miscarriage when she wasn’t even pregnant just to make you feel like you fuked up. When she does get pregnant go off and have an abortion. When you catch her lying about you or cheating on you she’ll turn it around to make you look like the bad guy. And she wears too much make up and is always dying her hair. Oh and Nicole I hope you’re reading this cause I sent you the link.