Canada Nicole Clegg

Nicole Clegg – Calgary, Canada

nicole clegg uses the gym as her free time to meet new men while pretending her current partner is the love of her life nicole loves to chat up other men online and through text while on dinner dates with her current boyfriend matt. well matt im here to let you know, your not the only guy miss nicole has been bringing into your bed…. nicole likes to wine about how shes unhappy with her current partners to give her excuses and validation to keep sleeping around and cheating. karma is a bitch nicole. you cant keep cheating on every man youve ever been with from the men in ontario, to the men in edmonton, every single partner you have you cheat on. you are a dirty person, with a black heart. and for what all just to make yourself feel better about not being able to have kids and have a family of your own? nobody actually wants to settle down with you either sweetheart, myself along with my bro you were bringing home to bang, we used you just as much as you used the two of us. hopefully matt realizes there are women out there willing to hold it down for him, women who can provide him with a family and security of not being with a whore that goes sleeping around with any dick willing to give it to her in a dog park like the true dirty dog she is. sorry matt, but, you needed to know.