Cheaters Nicole Banman

Nicole Banman – Las Vegas, Nevada

Im sure everybody has already had their turn on this bicycle. When shes not doing alot of drugs and drinking shes busy at work using multiple guys and adding to her collection of “boyfriends” she leads on endlessly. If you have nothing to offer, she is gone. She is a compulsive liar, she will talk trash about you behind your back regardless of who you are. She wants to get her children back from CFS but since she endlessly has her door open to any greg, she is in no position to ever be a mother again. Lets all hope that CFS catches her with the drug tests. She has a silver tongue, she uses it very well to manipulate and take advantage of anyone around her. Her kindness always had a devious purpose. She is beyond two faced. Very likely has DRDs galore. She is so insecure she depends on a massive following across instagram and facebook and various other social media. Sure easily find her on many vids or seeking. This girl is as disgusting of a person as I have ever met. She may take a good picture. On the inside she is absolutely the worst of the worst kind of person alive