Cheaters Nicole Angelique Valdez

Nicole Angelique Valdez – Denver, Colorado

This girl Nicole Angelique Valdez, has literally stalked me for years! Ever since me and my ex met up ONE TIME 2 years ago, which let me just say I was in a serious relationship for 7 years with my ex on and off, and trust when I say that ship sailed long time ago back in 2013 where I left him because he just can’t stay sober and stay out of jail. We both meant a lot to each other, which everyone knows, but it’ll just never work we’re both on different levels in life. I’ve moved on, had a baby with someone else, so I don’t know why this chick still stalks me 2 years since I last seen him. She’s blown up my phone all hours of the night and if I answer she just hangs up, she’s wrote family members of mine, stalks my Facebook even goes through my public groups to see what I post, then goes and talks sh1t about whatever I say on there. She also found my business profile on Facebook which I have no idea how because not even my own mother could find it on Facebook, then even mocks the posts I share about my daughter which coming from a mother herself is really low. She would even text me and tell me to kill myself that my daughter is better off without me. Also got a text from a random number talking about molesting my daughter which which made me sick to my stomach. So while I was in Denver tried to meet up with this psycho and she threatened to call the cops lmao!!!! No one talks about my innocent 5 month old or I’m out for blood I promise you!!! Oh and get this, now she befriended my daughters sperm donor and his manly looking girlfriend. Now they’re all besties lmfao!!!!!!! Seriously can they get a life already? I really hope my ex gets out of prison so she can pay attention to her man more, and quit worrying about every single thing I do. Please get some professional help Nicole, this obsession over me because me and Ainsley met up once TWO YEARS ago. It needs to stop already and very unhealthy. Also befriending my daughters sperm donor is really creepy too I mean if y’all are trying to form a hater group might as well create one on Facebook too and make it official! I’m pretty sure Ainsley isn’t going to like the idea of befriending him and his gf. Actually I can guarantee he won’t like it at all because he ain’t the one to get mixed up in drama. So PLEASE PLEASE move on from this obsession I don’t have time for it, and don’t even live in that damn state anymore for christs sake! If you wanted some attention here’s your 5 minutes of fame! Now enjoy