Cheaters Nicolas Szent/ Nicolas Szentmiklosi

Nicolas Szent/ Nicolas Szentmiklosi – New York

Nicolas Szent is a lier and a cheater beware he will use his so called acting skills on you. Do not be a fool and marry him he only needs papers to act in America and become an American Citizen and will or not tell you, he will play you like a fiddle and then tell you in his words, “The only reason it’s not working out is that I am not there emotionally, where it should be Believe or leave it.”Which mean I just wanted to f*** and see if u will help me with a fake marriage to advance my myself. He will also say we need to know things about each other because they will ask us questions and live together ect….and also ask you how much for youmarry him if you say no this is not real love. wish someone had done this for me and told me about this guys motives. He is also a very bad actor, skills are not to par, he might be bisexual as well. He is an alcoholic as well. He has a short c*** and cums fast and then has the nerve to tell you that the position you like hurts his little c*** lies Don’t let him take advantage of you he doesn’t appreciate nice single women who try to care and tell him call me when you get home from work and tells you that he feels that you are controlling him that’s cause he wants to cheat he lies through his teeth and is bad at it. And he is verbally abusive to women and called me b**** a couple of times and also in German 2 cause I touched his earring twice by accident curse me f****** b**** I was so hurt that he used me and took the rubber off the second time we had sex I was shocked. Also sleeps around with everyone that will give him some a**. Also he needs a therapist badly he even said so himself. Beware also has cash app for prostitutes