California Nick Nunez

Nick Nunez – California

For three years Nick has hurt me and my daughter in every way possible. He is a 36 year old Hispanic who works in the clean water business. He was my boss at precision and he pursued me everyday, telling me he was single. Took me out and spent a lot of time and money on me until his wife showed up one morning. He continued to pursue me while lying to his wife saying he didn’t talk to me. He lost his business because of the divorce and blamed me, so the torture began. He would get drunk and attack me with knifes and when I would fight back, he would take pictures or videos so he could play the victim. He would leave me alone every holiday and beat me up if I got mad. Then he sent me videos of him cheating on me with other females. I left him, but he apologized everyday and tried more then he had before. UNTIL MY DAUGHTER SAID HE WAS TOUCHING HER AND THEN HE TRIED TO TOUCH HER FRIEND BUT SHE CAUGHT HIM. After all this my life was a blur….and he beat me up so bad he sliced my arm open and broke my thumb with a clothes iron, ripped my ear open, punched me in my head 5 or 6 times, shoved paper in my mouth and covered my nose so I couldn’t breathe, then pierced my neck with a knife telling me he would kill me, my mom and my daughter. To top all of this off, when the police finally got there…because I threw something over his head to scare him to stop hitting me, I also went to jail. This isn’t all…He never got charged for beating me up or for my daughter, plus He only had to do 6 days house arrest for exposing himself to girls on a school bus. WHATS WRONG WITH THE LEGAL SYSTEM? DONT LET THIS MAN LIE TO YOU BECAUSE HE IS NOT THE VICTIM AND HE IS GOOD LIAR. From what I hear he has been seeing someone else but still trying to buy me into believing his innocence by taking me to the mountains, clubs, exspensive hotels….the whole time still sleeping with me and telling me he loves me.THERE IS SO MUCH MORE BUT THERE WOULDNT BE ENOUGH ROOM.