Arizona Nick Murphy

Nick Murphy – Scottsdale, Arizona

This low rent self righteous donkeys a55 thinks he is Satan’s sidekick in terms of money and women. He is a game playing snake in the grass. He will lead a girl to believe she is perfect and romance her for about a month or two then the devil himself comes out. Hes an angry muscle head with so many deep dark issues its hard to keep up with which one is current. He is psycho crazy and thinks he is being stalked and watched by everyone around him. He is scum. He does not know the meaning of trust and trusts no one. He is unforgiving and hateful. Within a couple months he is throwing women out of his house and right back to searching for a new one because he has no control over them. He has never been married and not hardly a serious relationship in his 50 years of life because he is a fruitcake. He thinks he is so cool and likes to control all who are around him. He gets angry and screams at the top of his lungs so much that the veins on his face stick out. All his friends will warn a girl to stay clear of him. The all say he is certifiable crazy and should be getting a check. He does not deserve to date anyone. He will call a girl every name in the book and get violent with her. He has been known to lay hands on a few. Stay clear girls because this one is not worth you time or effort. He does not know the meaning of love. he will try and control you to the point of freaking out on you when anyone calls or texts. And God forbid someone from the opposite sex message or call you. Yet he constantly is on his phone. He keeps all his sh1t so private and tied up that he is secretive. He has so many codes on his phone and computer that the FBI couldn’t get in. And he is sneaky and a closet tweaker. He is a hypocrite and has total double standards in life. Fuk Nick Murphy. Scum. Dirty scum.. We wont go into too many details but he has all kinds of “issues” in every area of life. Insecure fuking douche bag