Cheaters Nick “Biggie Beigler

Nick “Biggie Beigler – Illinois

This sad m*********** and I were in a relationship for over three years and two days before christmas he told me he had cheated on me over a year ago. Not only did he cheat on me, but he f***** one of my exfriends,who also happens to be one of the biggest sluts in Chicago, without a condom!!! Needless to say I dumped his a** and had to get checked… Thank GOD I didn’t catch anything from this ignorant bastard who, recently to my knowledge, doesn’t even believe in putting a f****** rubber on it at the very least. Nick is ALSO the most manipulative, abusive, pscho f*** of a person that I have ever met. Even while he was trying to “get me back” and apologizing profusely for his mistakes , he was talking to Another girl who I THOUGHT was my friend…but at the end of he day hoes will be hoes and dogs will never be more than dogs. Good luck nick cuz at this rate your BOUND to catch something from at least one of the slutty girls you seem to be so attracted to. Remember, ive known the new girl hes been f****** since i was 15..shes slept with MANY guys over the years and continues to even while she is sleepin with my ex. Start thinking about wrapping it up Nick!!