Cheaters Nichole Jennifer Caldwell

Nichole Jennifer Caldwell – Massachusetts

People claim that there sweet and innocent but are they really. I met this woman Nichole Jennifer Caldwell goes by the last name Ortiz When I met her she was still in love with some psycho in prison. She smoked weed to cope with her problems. She became pregnant now I have never denied nor confirmed that this child was not or is mine. I did in fact try to be there for the child granted I was married and my wife did not want me to see the child. But however i still went behind my wife’s back to see the baby but anyways they seen fit to make a sight about how bad of a person I am so all I can say freedom of speech baby but here’s some stuff about Nichole she was fired from a medical assistant job reason unknown however it was because of weed now I know she smoked wed because she was buying it from a guy I worked with see people think it’s fun and games ok so I made bad choices in life the main one being her but honestly you want to lash out on the net then so be lets do this