California Nice guys finish last

Nice guys finish last – California

I have been a merchant seaman for thirty years and married to my wife for 25. I have nev er cheated in all those years at sea. This is not because I am strong, it is because I never put myself in compromising positions where I might make a mistake. My focus was my family. I have put on a little weight over the years and about 8 months ago my wife became a little distant. Never the less, she would kiss me and the children (we have 5) good bye in the morning, say I love you, and go out to the car and engage in an internet affair (100-150 texts per day). She would even be laying next to me in bed talking to him on her Android (I found out by looking at the timing of the text messages). She admitted that the conversations were sexual in nature. About two months ago she started wearing thongs which she hated before. She claims she never actually met the guy, even though he was local. She did not stop until I caught her. I am a pretty boring guy – no excessive drinking (couple of glasses of Chianti per week), no physical abuse, like movies, love my kids, have a law degree from IU (although I do not practice), a Masters degree of Syracuse in International Relations, like movies a nd good food, enjoy staying home and not always running 900 miles per hour with my head on fire. The affair bothers me, but not as much as the character defect it reveals. How could you lay next to your spouse and engage in such activity without feeling guilt?