California Newburyport MA KATIE HORGAN

Newburyport MA KATIE HORGAN – California

The Comment: katie and I went out for a few weeks and things got weird. I told her from the first time we hooked up that I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend I was just looking for a good time and at first I got that. She wasn’t a girl I wanted as a girlfriend. She was available whenever I called her . At first things were good but then she got weird. On the one hand she was slutty and Was juggling man after an after man which is disgusting! She loves the attention from guys and I was over it. On the other hand she was a crazy stalker who would just show up everywhere me and my family was by watching my Facebook location. I tried and tried to cut ties but she would not leave me alone. It took months but finally she was gone from my family’s lives. The last thing I heard was that she was doing the same hung so a new dude.