Cheaters New South Wales

Marlena Law — Wollongong, New South Wales

So this little slag used to share a room with my best friend (whom’s name has been blurred out in purple due to her & the partner in the red are currently sorting things out) from his previous ex about this girl, she would constantly hassle & stalk him, repeatedly going past his room in the uni house, & tried to illusion herself that he had some sort of feelings for her when in reality she was just some side hoe while he was living there, unfortunately even after he officially called quits & had moved out she was still trying to see him, threatening suicide & other self-harming attacks unless he got back with her, would try to emotionally blackmail him into talking to her & would not let go until he got a new number & blocked her on all social media. Keep her away from your partners, & tell your male friends to run if they see her, she will ruin your life & expect you to take care of her anxiety depressed schizophrenic ass (to which is believed she doesn’t actually have all of these disorders but was only using them as a cry for attention) I have more screenshots, but I feel this shames her enough. She deserves nothing else but to feel the true pain of worthlessness as she’s nothing but a little slag who looks like a male indian trans.