Arizona Nermin Sutkovic

Nermin Sutkovic — Phoenix, Arizona

So this is about a guy named Nermin commonly known as Nerm or Big nerm as his YouTube and Instagram call him. He is well known for his lies as well as flashing fake jewelry as well as second hand store Louis Vuitton accessories at local bars and clubs. He likes to fabricate about his life telling women he is a manager for his tire distributing company as well as being a owner of a LLC. He’ll tell you he owns a sticker business and a clothing line but has no proof of anything being in his name and only has about $40 a week to survive off of after child support and 420. He is an entitled prick and uses people fully to get what he wants from them with no intent on reciprocating. He’s 24 years old works at a warehouse where he claims he’s worked like a slave doesn’t receive any benefits or get any ot ect but has no motivation to make his life any better. He lives at his parents on a couch and on his free time smokes weed, plays computer games, b1tches about his sh1tty life, parties and lies to multiple women about who an what hes really about. He recently knocked up a woman an instead of manning up and taking responsibility he has decided to be a pu55y and is claiming the baby isn’t his as well as pushing aside the responsibility of being an adult man. He’s so use to everyone kissing his a55 and cleaning up his messes he doesn’t know what it means to be a decent human being. He has a sick obsession with his first baby momma constantly talking about her and how her cheating on him has made him cold and heartless unfortunately I believe in their relationship he was really the one who had fuked her over. He goes from loving someone to disliking them or not wanting them in his life in the matter of minutes and his actions are always opposite of what he says he wants. He has cheated on his ex’s, stolen money from them and has taken advantage of them not only financially but emotionally. He will lie about his father dying to make you feel bad for him but his dad clearly doesn’t care about his own health as he continues to do everything he shouldn’t be doing to continue living. He’ll make up just about any excuse in the book to avoid from taking responsibility for anything he does. Claims he’s from Scottsdale but lives in Phoenix.

I’m not sure how he gets through life constantly having breakdowns over having to make an adult decision. He constantly is talking about having anxiety and depression but does nothing to make it better. He’s recently had very erratic behavior and is acting as if he’s hooked on something much worse. He doesn’t care about who he hurts, destroys or throws aside as long as they help him get to where he wants to be. He’ll claim to be a family guy but seems to forget about his unborn baby he currently isn’t claiming. He Drives a Nissan with stickers on it that says locally hated and OMW2FYB if that doesn’t scream fukboy I don’t know what does. He will tell you he doesn’t want a relationship then slowly start spending more and more time around you til he has pretty much moved in with you. An when he realizes you’ve become serious and could potentially want a future with him he will up and vanish like you never existed then blame it on him becoming a “Rapper” and not wanting you to get hurt from his controversial music he plans to drop. In all honesty I’m not quite sure as to what these women find in him all I see is a insecure boy unwilling to grow up. He decided to end a friendship with me for who knows what reason but luckily I have the inside scoop of what a real POS he is. I’ve heard, seen and have been a part of both sides. Behind those pretty blue eyes is a monster. A liar. A deadbeat father. A drug addict. A woman hater and a Narcissist. Do not trust this man with anything. He fuks over just about any female he meets an I feel bad for any of his exs. I reached out to his exs and the screenshots i saw from him calling her his soulmate, pretending to be excited about their baby on the way and then changing his mind in the matter of seconds really makes you wonder if this man has a heart. He does this to all women. Nobody is safe from this heartbreaking emotionally abusive predator. The only thing real about him is his intentions to use and abuse you til he doesn’t need you anymore than toss you aside. He has 0 respect for women. Oh and if you hadn’t heard he recently had been arrested and claimed police brutality but gave no reason as to why… Looking into public records only thing I could find was Baby mama 1 petitioning for full custody of his first kid. If you’re reading this congrats to you… You can find him on YouTube and Instagram by Big Nerm or Exhale777. His snapchat is Nerm777. XoXoXo -M