Australia Neil Van Wyk

Neil Van Wyk – Australia

He needs to suffer the consequences for humiliating me with 7 years of lies, secrets and adultery!His name is Neil Van Wyk. A con-man from Capetown,South Africa, & still has the accent. Hair is much longer now & in a mullet, but may have cut it now.On so many dating sites, RSVP, Tinder, POF, Cupid, are his go to sites, and heaps more obscure ones, and sex sites galore, that I’ve lost count. and sex sites, that I’ve lost count. FB, Whatsapp, Linkdin, Skype, Twitter, …….. etc. He’s looking hook someone who’s got her own place (if she’s got a lot of money it’s a bonus), so he can manipulate her and move himself in. He drained my funds within 3 years. Won’t pay rent or bills.