Cheaters Ndini Tsors

Ndini Tsors – Atlanta, Georgia

Ndini a.k.a. Bre floozys. Just check her personal and ho sites and you’ll see it’s definitely the same person. She travels all over the country to see her “regulars” and try to get new Johns when business in Atlanta is slow. Doesn’t her friends and family wonder where she gets the money to travel? She’s always talking about the #metoo movement, how poorly women are treated, how women are paid less then men, etc. Doesn’t she realize that being a floozy letting old men penetrate all her holes for $$$ reinforces the view that women are objects and f dolls? Sweetie you’re part of the problem and not part of the solution. These slores are so dumb as all they know is floozying and not having an exit plan. Ndini has been selling herself since 2013 – five years! Ndini please find JC, save your soul, get checked for DRDs and get a real job. Does Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey know his site is overrun with prostitutes selling their a55? Someone may want to tell him before he gets locked up for promoting floozy.