Cheaters Navy Chief PO Cheater

Navy Chief PO Cheater – Connecticut

Around Thanksgiving I started talking to this guy named Luther on this app Coffee Meets Bagel. He seemed sweet and nice, said he was in the Navy, moved to Groton CT in August. He asked for my number and I said yes. We started dating, and everything felt natural and flowed nicely. He planned sweet dates, showed lots of affection, and let me know he wasn’t interested in dating anyone else. Yes, he lived 50 minutes away, but that didn’t bother me. He met my brother, sister in law, close friends, introducing himself as my boyfriend. I met his best friend/ roommate and the girlfriend on our 3rd date. Everyone really liked him and let him know that he was lucky to have found me. I don’t bring guys around, ever, because they do not show any potential for long term. We determined early on we were in boyfriend girlfriend relationship, and he knew I was looking for something real and claimed he was as well. He would tell me that he missed me when he couldn’t see me, and went out of his way to drive to me most of the time. He spoke about me to his sister, his mom, his oldest son, that was a good sign to me. We spent all of the Christmas weekend together, everything felt real. Christmas night after I was with my family I went to see him. He has two boys and would be picking them up from his ex the next day. I asked where he was meeting her and what would they typically do when they got together. After that I asked about New Years eve, as his girlfriend I’m thinking he would be considerate and let me know or try to see me somehow. He really didn’t care what I would be doing, and just said they might visit his best friend in Pittsburgh. Of course I was upset, but it wasn’t my job to push anything on him when he would have his kids. The next day we spoke on the phone when he went to pick his kids up. I asked what is he like when he has his kids, will I still hear from him. He said nothing would change. Then suddenly the cute texts and all phone calls ended. I understand, his kids come first, but to not be worth 5 minutes to talk to a day after we would talk for hours seemed off. I called him one morning asking if everything was okay with us, I noticed he was distant. He seemed bothered I called since he barely texted me. At this point he tells me everything is good, blah blah. Later on he texts me they are going to Pittsburgh, doesn’t call, and just let me know they made it way late at night. Once again barely any texts, definitely no calls. New Years eve and he just says hey lady, hope your having fun. Then at midnight just a plain happy New Years text. No phone call at midnight is a big red flag! Especially to your girlfriend. We had some back and forth words, and then spoke the next day after he dropped his kids back off. Nothing was spoke of about the trip, and barely about his time with the boys. He had the next day off. I ended up going to see him in CT. We spent the day together, everything seemed almost back to normal. He spoke annoy how his son wants to start a shirt business and asked about people I know that do the printing. Then the next day I saw he still texted differently, and when we spoke oon the phone when he got off early I decided to bring up the trip, etc. Suddenly there were time restrictions on our relationship, he got angry I wanted to have an adult conversation! After that he wouldn’t speak to me on the phone, only text. I figured he’s being a baby, let him get over it. I texted him that I would like to resolve this, and that this was childish and rediculous. I let him know how made me feel and this wasn’t necessary. To have this many excuses early on in a relationship drew red flags. He apologized for his actions and how hee made me feel and said he would call when he got off of work. He didn’t call or text me. I called around 7 and texted him and no answer. He was always quick to get back to me. I left him alone yesterday. Later on at night I saw he ghosted me by blocking me on IG and Facebook. Luther, a chief petty officer in the Navy, ended our relationship by blocking me on social media. To top it all off, I decided to download the app coffee meets bagel to see if he was still on there, and sure enough his profile was there the whole time. He was hunting for other women at the same time of being with me. This boy is despicable. He lied to me and got defensive over nothing because he had a guilty conscience. His photo is attached. He forewarned!!!