Cheaters Nathan G

Nathan G – Indiana

Husband started talking to a girl he met on Instagram behind my back. I found out about her literally the weekend we moved into our new house. When I asked him about it he all of a sudden wants a divorce. So he drags my heart through the strainer for two months cause I had to work with him. He’s up and down about wanting working on things or not. Saying awful things to me. All the time claiming she was a friend, but they talked all day everyday. He then after secretly visiting her in NJ said he wanted to work it out, but wouldn’t stop talking to her so I told him I was done. Granted he was still sleeping with me. So the night before I move out of state he claims he doesn’t want us to divorce and that maybe we should just work on things and take it day by day while we are apart. He claimed again this girl was a friend. I get to where I move and all the while he claims he loves and misses me, but I tell him I don’t trust him. Yeah good thing. Not even three weeks in and one weekend, the weekend of our first wedding anniversary, he disappears. No text or anything. Turns out he went to see her and they became a couple. Literally two days before all this, he wanted me to face time for sex. So I told him the monday after I was filing and he goes off on me being his usual ugly, rude self. He goes on to say I need to get over him cheating and he was an awful husband but essentially get over it. He then posts something on Instagram and deleted our mutual friends who know the truth of the situation, about a WCW. The caption saying something about her being there for him. Yeah she had to because she was a HUGE part of the reason why I left. So essentially he posted a pic of the home wrecker.