Cheaters Nathan Curry

Nathan Curry — Cumberland, Maryland

Posting for my buddy since his bitch of a wife cheated on him with Natahn Curry of Frostburg Maryland Police Dept. While my friend who was away for work Nathan Curry went over to his place and fucked his wife Alicia Tuohey (that’s her maiden name) while he was on duty. That’s conduct unbecoming of a Police Officer, a fireable offense. Nathan Curry was working on this newlywed young lady for a few months and took his opportunity when my buddy was gone. Nathan Curry is also 10+ years her senior cause someone has daddy issues. Both Nathan Curry and Alicia Tuohey are dirty cheaters. My buddy treated her extremely well took her fancy cruises and all kinds of expenses gifts. But she took it all for granted and slept with another guy. Threw a 5 year relationship away over a guy who is married with two kids.