Cheaters Nate Vann Nathan

Nate Vann Nathan – Georgia

I’m reading about this man and i have to add , so his girlfriend went through his phone and found out he was sexually active with 10 woman including me ! He was with her for 6 years and we messed around for 3 of those years and i knew nothing about her . This was 2018 .. He told me he had all these things , acted like he was the man , like he was this family man not knowing he was already engaged to be married ! The woman he cheated cried so much, i cried with her ,she was gorgeous, so looks meant nothing ! He told me he had vasectomy, but he got it so he could sleep with many woman . He breaks all woman hearts and lies at the drop of a dime .. his ex is tattooed on him and he told me it was his daughter name on his chest ..lies lies lies