Canada Natasha Mills

Natasha Mills — Victoria, Canada

Here’s Natasha Mills of Vancouver Isle/Victoria a fake narcissistic tramp who has f*cked her way up as sales manager at pepsii&co, when really on her off time she’s busy doing real lines of pepsii to make up for how fake and dead she is on the inside. Still a substance abusing junkie living the Langford dream this momma has a B*stard son and brags about her perfect life and has to do constant updates on her social media to make up for how unhappy she really is- whilst she’s not perfect, far from it -as she’s unmarried mom living the pure langford white trash life like every unmarried single mom in Langford, it’s the damn trend there, shes no different but likes to think she is. She has a B.A in pysch and how does she suddenly land a high business job as a sales manager so quick after uni? because she was f*cking and sucking every d1ck to get the position! She has a blog called @mommamills that likes to document her so called ‘transformation’ when really after having a kid 2+ years ago you think her stringy a55 body would be better but it’s as bad as before- but she wants all the attention. Just another attention Wh*re clamoring for the world to notice her to make up for how empty and dead she feels inside. Well here Nik, put this c*nt on blast and give her all the attention this fake junkie botox injecting wh*re wants!