California Natasha Kahlon

Natasha Kahlon — Sacramento, California

I have been with my husband for 9 years and this woman Natasha Kahlon slept with him and has continually kept herself in his life even though she knows he is with me and we have kids together. She has had bank accounts and cars with him and even is on the phone line. She used my number to make accounts to make me and my husband fight. She is engaged and yet her fiancé doesn’t even know about my husband. She will stop at nothing to ruin my life and anyone else if she really wants that guy. She is the biggest HOMEWRECKER I’ve ever met in my life. She will stop at nothing to destroy my marriage and she even threatened me on the phone and texts. She’s a nurse at Woodland Memorial Hospital and I hope her fiancé finds out what kind of person she is to keep seeing a married man and thinking she will just get married and be happy. She ruined my life so she deserves the same in return.