Cheaters Natasha Carson

Natasha Carson — Sebago, Maine

This woman Natasha Carson has torn not only a woman I love life completely apart but her family. Her husband, a manager at a strip club had her thinking for months 2 days be thanksgiving he wanted a divorce… little did she know she believed him trusted him for 6 months he was seeing this woman behind her back. Making her believe the divorce was her fault. She wouldn’t listen to anyone. Trusted her husband and the lies fed to her for several months.

Not only did this man play his wife, but he played this girl filling both their heads with lies. Coming home to his wife and family every night like everything was normal. To find out he’s sleeping with this woman behind his wife’s back in the place of work ect. When his wife found out she was in complete shock after Finley taking her rings off and finally excepting that they were getting a divorce. To find out from the girls ex boyfriend now that’s so in love with this girl that. He had proof of everything that all this was going on. He denied everything to his wife and he played her took her on dates played house with there children ect. Her not knowing he was having a relationship with another woman. After finally admitting his actions telling her he’s in love with this girl. She gets fired from her job he gets a three day suspension. This girl doesn’t understand that if he can cheat on his wife for several months lie to her about them being legally separated and tell her the divorce is in place. When no divorce has been placed yet, no legal separation. And he still came home to his wife every night and treated her like nothing was happening. So to this girl good luck and thanks for running someone’s life that you where told lies about. Their family, their kids life, everything. You are a horrible person. As for her husband… such a scumbag she lived in jail half their marriage. With control mental and physical abuse. He fed her lies the girl fed her boyfriend lies. Now they can live with this. YOU BOTH YOU ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE.