Cheaters Natalie Izsak

Natalie Izsak — Detroit, Michigan

Natalie Izsak is a s**t!!!! If you haven’t noticed by the photo this girl is the biggest HOMEWRECKER in Dearborn. She sleeps with everyone’s man and couch hops while doing it. She will do anything for a little bit of cash! She doesn’t care if the man is married or taken and will try to convince every man to leave their woman to be with her. Meanwhile, she will have a couple “boyfriends” of her own. I caught this woman texting my husband a few months ago begging him for money and telling him all the nasty things she will do to him if he leaves me and our kids. He refused to leave his family for her and eventually blocked her from contacting him on social media and changed his number. Instead of getting her life together she uses men and their family. Can your family give her a meal? Help her with her car? Provide a bed to sleep in? If so, this hooker will take full advantage of it! She pretends to be so innocent and yet will sleep with multiple men and lead them all to believe that they’re the only ones in her life. She is uneducated trash that can’t even keep a job at a hair salon… Men beware! A night with Natalie is not worth losing your family. Do not fall for her sob stories when you meet her about how terrible her family is (Mostly her mom and sister) it won’t take long to find out she’s the real problem!!!