California Natahanna Bludsworth

Natahanna Bludsworth — Sacramento, California

Natahanna, AKA “Pokey” comes across as a sweet little 57 year old woman whose a massage therapist, makes a lot of money, has an older son, Kameron, who she’ll tell you abuses her, grabs her by the throat and pushes her against the wall, won’t take her get her daily dialysis treatment injections (in a very shady part of town), and is a “lazy deadbeat who lives with his Mexican butch girlfriend who buys him everything”. She’ll moan and cry. Smile and laugh. Make you feel sorry for her, and you’ll want to help, and that’s what I did. I helped with a motel room when her son told her to get the Hell out of his place, then, because she hadnt received her checks yet, i helped with a motel for a while, and some food. I didn’t mind helping, and the money wasn’t an issue, but her tone changed when she asked about my account numbers in order to deposit the money? Talk about res flags. I told her her old boss could simply mail the checks to my POB. Natahanna kept asking about my account more often than anyone should. Well, when I put my foot down and said it could only be my POB, she said okay, then I found I was blocked on FB, phone, and she refused to return any texts. Lesson learned. Watch out for her! Oh, she has some seriously fuked up upper veneers! I could only think of the scene in Somethjng About Mary when Matt Dillon gets those big a55 face teeth! If you do meet her, stand way back. Because of her big a55 teeth, she spits all over the place. I met her when she requested a rideshare, and I was her driver. I noticed right away my arm was feeling a bit wet. Its then I noticed the droplets shooting from her mouth. After the hour long ride, we became friends, but the entire passengers side dash needed to be wiped down. Oh yeah, who the fuk starts talking about using a strap-on on a guy the second time they talk with someone? I thought she was just fuking with me, but her “strong sexual appetite” needed more. She kept asking me to stay with her in the motels, but her low class nature, and the fact she wore way too much makeup, and the fact she’s simply too bizarre, made the answer simply. No way in Hell would I. Besides, I was with someone and only helping this pathetic soul. And when I say she wore makeup, I mean it. I saw her without makeup and she was pretty, but she’s pretty damn cute with it. However, HOLY SH1T, just how much does she use, and how long to put on?!? She gave me a hug and I had a facial impression on my neck afterwards which was pretty thick. Bottom line: 1. She’s a big time scammer. 2. She spits bucket loads when she talks, and she LOVES to talk (usually sh1t youd care less about). 3. Hide your makeup. 4. Watch out for a strap on!?