Australia Narcissistic David Proberts

Narcissistic David Proberts – Australia

Dave Proberts is a nasty human being with sociopathic tendencies towards women.I was with him for three years when he decided to terminate our relationship by text message. He had another woman before me, I know her name.I found out that he was dating another woman. I contacted that woman and was blocked by her. Stupid of her, and not me, she will be dumped as well in a couple of years time. In fact most of the relationships he has with women have a duration of three years. By the third year he will let the relationship go pearshape. He sees any relationship as an experiment. As he is charming, the first part of our relationship and courting progressed well. This is not his true self! It is his narcissistic, misogynist nature. He cowardly dumps by text message. Laughing on the phone while he is dumping them. Please be on the lookout, he rides a Harley and is charming. Threatened me that he will ring my boss to terminate my employment. Be on the lookout. A whoremonger in disguise!