Cheaters Naomi Evans

Naomi Evans — Goddard, Kansas

My husband and I were having trouble in our marriage a couple of months ago and this home wrecking woman decided to swoop in and rescue him… I’m guessing she thought she could comfort him and they could compare sob stories about how they have been done so badly in past relationships all while hoping to gain a relationship with someone who was already taken… When I found out of course he claimed it was friendly and nothing more… I decided to send her a message and see if she would come clean and be honest but of course she chose to lie and absolutely has no shame doing what she does. My intuition told me to check phone records and you’ll never guess what I found there was over a thousand messages between the two over just a couple days. This woman knew he was married and decided to move in on him while he was vulnerable. On social media she’s always asking why she can’t find love and maybe it’s because she’s looking in all the wrong places and also bc you can’t turn a Ho into a housewife. So since she has no shame I decided to blast her on here for the whole world to see and maybe she will make more of an effort to stay away from married men… That’s probably wishful thinking on my part cause these women don’t care they just want someone/anyone to love them…