Canada Nancy Vu

Nancy Vu – Vancouver, Canada

Used to know this wanna be fake Instagram hoe Nancy. Hahaha she tried to sleep one of the guys at a table in Las Vegas and cheat on her BF and she said that her gf and her even went up to these guys’ suite after clubbing. This was when she was in Vegas when with a group of her girlfriends last Summer weekend of June 30th. They went down to LA to meet with these group of guys again apparently a month or so after. She can’t be trusted! Meanwhile, she lies about having an Instagram handle @nancyyyv since there’s pics of her BF and her on it, to all these guys and even lies about having a bf to begin with. Her poor bf! Paybacks a b1tch, sorry girl. I mean girls who look like that can’t really be trusted though, can they? It’s sad because she’s been with him for years.. and they’re still together! So I think it’s about time he should know!