Cheaters My dream love become my

My dream love become my – Florida

My boyfriend of 2 years cheated on me while working in another country. I am from Serbia he is from Germany, he is also 15 years older than me, when we are first together he behaved like the perfect man, loving and respectful, ambitious, hard worker, and make believe that I will have a great life by choosing him to be my future husband, we often discussed my our future together…fill with success and a beautiful home with a beautiful family.

I am thinking I win the lottery!!!! I am the envy of all my friends, he spoil me with gifts and all kind of loving gestures, taking me to travel. Until he withdraw his invitation to take me Mexico and maybe visit Cuba (a great dream for me) I start to be suspicious…

In this moment he is not my dream man anymore he is the worst nightmare a woman can have, he makes videos of the wild sex he haves with a Mexican I woman, a lot older than I am and so very ugly!!! compared to me. He make me this insecure when I enquire about his free time “activities”