Arkansas Morgan Johnson

Morgan Johnson — Havanna, Arkansas

So March 10, 2017 my husband Robert Edward severs and I would have been married a year, but this girl Morgan Johnson has been sleeping with my husband at work on breaks… it has tore my family apart! He had sex with her supposedly because she came onto him and she was sleeping with his friend… wow I said that’s a sorry a** excuse. He sleeps all day, he doesn’t help me with the kids. He tells me I don’t do enough house work but he doesn’t bother helping pick up after himself 28 years old but my 4 year old son cleans and picks up after himself that says a lot. Since I’ve found out he wants to do whatever it takes he’s been watching kids taking care of them and doing everything I’ve asked the past 4 days, but sleeping in different rooms. Because I can’t handle it right now. 3rd time he’s cheated on me I’m pushed so far away I honestly give up. Megan Johnson has 2 kids and a husband also. I stay home taking Care of my 2 kids and my mother in law! Bullsh*t he’s treated me like sh*t not helping in the house made “jokes” about cheating on me but now the jokes on him right!!!!!