Canada Monique Blankenship

Monique Blankenship — Edmonton, Canada

She loves and i mean LOVES the married men. No single guy will date her. She is a wam bam thank you mam to them. So she goes to married men, does her research on them, their like dislikes, finds out what their wife isnt doing for them and then she attacks. She starts as friends. She is there to listen to your problems, she will buy gifts for you and if you have kids them too. She will friend the wife. While all this is going on. She is have a secret affair with your man. She doesnt care who she hurts. Its all about her, she has kids but they dont even respect her, she tells every guy that she has been hurt and she is loyal and faithful. So ofcourse the guy falls for it because she is doing all the right stuff. Then months down the road that all wears off and she turs psycho. The guy leaves her, and she is on to the next. The last marriage she just ruined. The couple had been together over 20 years, and the dumb ass fell for her tricks and left a good thing for a nasty ho. But he will get his in a few months when he starts to see her hide her phone or lock it, come home late. Guys you will just be a pawn in her game. You have to ask why she has been single so long, here it is.