Canada Mo Rahman

Mo Rahman — Toronto, Canada

Mo Rahman (aka. Mosfiqur Rahman) in Toronto, Ontario Canada is an unabashed polygamist and a bigamist and also a serial cheater. Mo Rahman is 67 years old (he uses hair dye to darken his hair) and is believed to have at lest 4 wives. Mo Rahman was already married to 3 women in his native Bangladesh with whom he has several children. When he arrived in Canada, he married another woman, a fat hideous cougar (purely for citizenship purposes obviously) with whom he had another three kids. Polygamy and bigamy are illegal under Canadian law yet Mo Rahman is now sponsoring visas for his family back home to come to Canada under the false guise of “extended relatives” who will come to Canada and live on social assistance (eg. welfare and other tax payer funded subsidies). This is outrageous!!!