Arkansas Misty Webb

Misty Webb — Berryville, Arkansas

This home wrecker Misty Webb has caused a lot of trouble in my marriage. March 1, 2018 I was moving from eureka springs motels with my family to Fayetteville Ar. My Husband, myself and my son rode to Berryville to get my sons belongings from my mother’s house. My husband had gotten drunk before we went to Berryville. I had stopped at the Casey’s and when my husband got out the car I left him standing in the store. I continued to do what I had to do to get moved in. My husband kept calling my phone trying to get me to come back and get him but I refused. I don’t like him very much when he’s drunk because he forgets where he comes from and he forgets he has family and a wife. The police call me like 3 times to come get him. The explained to me that he was to intoxicated to be on the street. I explained that I was in Fayetteville moving in to my new place and I would b there soon to get him. My husband had told me some dude took him to the Walmart since everything was closed and he had gotten kicked out of Casey’s. I finally got there and the police were there with him. We get over to the house in Fayetteville and go to sleep. Mind u the next day he NEVER said anything about anything. Fast forward to June 2018. I was on my husbands Facebook and this name Misty Webb kept popping up on his Facebook, at first I didn’t pay attention to it but every time I got on his face book she was in my face. So I started searching his phone and low and behold her number was in his phone. I knew we didn’t know anyone in Berryville so I definitely got suspicious and started fishing. I began to text this home wrecker from his Facebook messenger. And oh did she reply. She knew that he had a wife and family but that didn’t stop her dirty trifling wh*ring ass from trying to hook up with my husband. She was the dirty cunt who gave my husband a ride to Walmart. She took my husbands phone and put her number in his phone. She also had a boyfriend at the time. So I confronted my husband about the dirty trick and of course he lied saying he didn’t know what I was talking about so I pulled the bitches profile up and showed him everything. Of course he started talking then. I confronted her as well over Facebook said what I had to say then blocked her ass. She then started leaving voice messages for my husband crying about the shit I said to her and so I took my husbands phone and gave her more confirmation that she can stop contacting my husband and I blocked her on his Facebook as well. My husband then erased her number from his phone in front of me. I was going to put her on blast on her then, but decided to try and get through this hurt and pain without social media. My husband betrayed me but she also did because she KNEW he was MARRIED and still wanted to seduce my husband. Time goes by and I was going to visit my mom in Berryville sometime in July, I decided to stop where she worked to get some drinks and the Sunday papers for my coupons. I wasn’t going to say anything I just wanted her to see my face, but she wasn’t working! Fast forward to October 3 2018. This wh*** started texting my husband today it’s coming from her cellphone number. I told my husband to handle the mess he created but he wanted me to put her in her place because apparently she kept texting him when he told her to stop. So of course I went on Facebook and sent her a message. Then found her cellphone number and text her on her phone. This bitch gonna have the nerve to tell me all about what my husband is and is not doing. She tried telling me he’s cheating on me with some other hoe she tried telling me I don’t know shit about my husband but little does she know I been with him 7 years and know him better than I do my own self. I know when he’s doing something he’s not supposed to do. I’m a Scorpio I pay attention to everything. Every move anyone makes I can figure out what’s gonna happen next. I feel like she was trying to come in between my husband and I so she can fuck him like she’s been wanting to. She can’t even fess up and take her part of the blame but at the same time wh**es usually don’t because they like that drama on them. Then I straight up told her I was the one fishing for information on the hell my husband had her phone number. She was horney that night and found a drunk black man appealing this came from her mouth. In text. Tonight as the texting was going on she was lying about everything. She said she didn’t know he was married but in June she asked him about me. And she said WIFE. Then she’s going to tell me he didn’t have his wedding band on. Now I know that’s a lie. His wedding band can’t slide over his knuckle so we are going to have to get it cut off to change the band if we ever want to upgrade on wedding rings. This woman reopened my wounds tonight. She also started talking shit about my kids by the way she has never met them. I told her I will drive to Berryville and catch a charge if she kept talking shit about my kids. That’s a line she will not cross with me. Don’t throw shots at my kids when ur trying to fuck their step dad. Don’t put the heat on any and everything to avoid the conflict that u caused amongst urself. She says oh I’m gonna press charges honey I’m not scary I don’t tuck my tail and run from the police. Imma tell them straight up the home wrecker is trying to start drama in my marriage so she can f**k my husband with her stank ass twat. I cut no cards with no one. So since my wounds have been reopened by this scallywag wh**e now I’m exposing her dirty trick a** to the world. I warned her I wasn’t the one to play with and she didn’t listen. My husband has voiced he made a mistake that night and he doesn’t want her or anything to do with her because it destroyed our marriage and I’ve been trying to get passed it and rebuild. She won’t win and she better sit her whoring ass down and leave my husband the hell alone. No one wants ur dirty disease carrying ass. Go screw with someone else’s life but screwing with mine ends TODAY.