Cheaters Misty Lyn Cross

Misty Lyn Cross — Ft. Myers, Florida

Well where do I start? Not only is it physically impossible for Misty Lyn Cross to find her own man, she loves messaging mine. She lives off of social security and even tried to Facebook my husband inquiring about work… like who is really that stupid. My husband calls her the back up plan. He use her for money and a lawyer just two months ago. He conned her out of 925$ for a lawyer and even repeatedly told my husband she loves him. Who loves anyone after 2 weeks??? A psycho. Anyway after my husband repeatedly tells her to quit calling and we block her number she calls from random numbers. My husband got a new phone, hence how I found out again that she still is calling. Is he giving her a run for the money? I’m sure he is, but this social security, section 8 expiring, shi**y parent is one for the books. She lies about everything. My husband calls her LeAnn number 2 and doesn’t get the hint. Even caught a text message where she kept telling my husband she loved him and missed him. His friend even told me he doesn’t say anything back. Well backup plan, you’re a dirty HOMEWRECKER.