Cheaters Misty Jackson

Misty Jackson — Evans, Georgia

I discovered my husband was having an affair by looking thru his phone one night and found nude pictures and texts form this girl. The texts were about where and when they were hooking up! I confronted my hubby immediately and he confessed he didn’t have much choice when I had all the evidence in front of him. Misty Jackson on the other hand denied even with everything I had on her. I started to do some investigating and found my husband was the 4th time she had been with a married man and ruined 4 marriages. Never ruining her own relationship I believe she is married or engaged now and he doesn’t know anything.

My husband did not work with her but they are in the same business. But all the other men I found out about worked with her I’m guessing that’s why she’s had so many jobs! I know what she did to my husband and she was relentless when she first started pursuing him he told her no several times but she kept on and I guess he wasn’t man enough to say no. Know he tells me she was the biggest mistake he ever made in his life and he actually hates her now! I can’t understand he reason for this because she has a husband or is engaged and she doesn’t want that to end. I truly believe her only goal in this is to ruin marriages so anyone in Evans or Augusta, GA watch out for her especially if your husband works with her! It’s just a sick game she is playing!