Canada Miss Ava Rose

Miss Ava Rose – Toronto, Canada

So this “pro dominatrix” is not only knowingly supporting a widely known consent violator (her partner, Elwood aka Scott) but she is now a consent violator in her own right. A close friend of mine went to her for fetish services and came away with some seriously injured junk. He needed surgery to repair the damage. She did a thing on him called sounding. He said to stop and she wouldn’t. In the world of BDSM, this is apparently akin to rape. She is attempting to open her own “dungeon” in Toronto with her creep ass partner who has been called out on a kink website called Fet life. They actually have both been called out on this website. And wouldn’t you know it, she’s been featured on this website before. Steer clear guys and gals. This is one fat, washed up hoe who will give you a drd, and mess your sh1t up. {REDACTED}