Cheaters Mirlinda Bajralia

Mirlinda Bajralia — Chicago, Illinois

so I met Mirlynda Bajralia a couple months ago at a strip club in Chicago. She was by herself with 3 guys and we started talking as friends. The next time we hung out, I hung out with her and with her so called film coworker (which I later found out it was her husband “Adrien Berisha” she has a kid with on Instagram). They tried to do a three sum with me and I wasn’t having it. Idk why but she seemed like an easy floozy so I held back being cautious about DRDs. She lied about how we met because she was probably cheating on her husband that night lol. This girl literally lies about everything. She tries to act like someone she’s not. Literally all time. She pretends she’s a successful actress and talks like she has big money but she doesn’t. She drives a Honda Odyssey mini van and her husband drives a early 2000’s Mercedes hatchback. When we went to valet, she was making a scene screaming “get the Mercedes!” . “Do you have the key to MEERRCEDDESS?”. It was so embarrassing and pathetic, Nik. Mirlynda is literally the epitome of gypsy trash. The way she dresses looks like she raided Paris Hilton’s closet in 2003 or stole clothes of the rack on set of “the gypsy sisters”. My friends were right to tell me not to trust Romanian people in the US. She’ll send texts saying “this guy is SOOOOOOOO rich”. “Want to come to a mansion party?” (when clearly on her Snapchat, it’s not a mansion). It’s super pathetic that she’s 35 (which she also lied about) and acting like this. Also, the main reason why I’m writing this is to warn people that will meet this girl in the future. BE CAREFUL. She tried secretly pimping me out with guys in the lower rank film industry for money which luckily she couldn’t even do cause she’s incompetent in every other skill except lying.