Canada Miranda Ann Constable

Miranda Ann Constable — Toronto, Canada

Miranda Ann Constable is a narcissistic serial liar on YouTube. She’s a white Canadian girl who moved to Japan and tried becoming Japanese. Through the years she covered up the fact she used to work as a floozy in Japan. She also got caught in plenty of other lies. She got married 3 different times. Her latest marriage she claims is to a Muslim man from Saudi Arabia who she recently married in Canada. After years of promoting feminism and women’s rights on her channel she’s now a devout Muslim. She deleted all her old videos. She still talks in a fake accent and uses Japanese subtitles and makes videos about Japan but claims she is moving to Saudi Arabia. She won’t be welcome because she is a serial adulterer who cheated on her Japanese husbands. Lately she’s been bashing gays by calling them “filthy”. This girl is extremely mentally ill and is pure trash. Filled with hatred, narcissism and lies. She goes by the name Kanadajin3. Anyone know who her Muslim husband is?