Cheaters Minuet Suiter

Minuet Suiter — Tampa, Florida

So, here we have Minuet Suiter, the girl your mother warned you about- if you want to even call her one of those. There’s a whole buffet’s worth of problems with this one. First and foremost, she has DRD type 2, which she willingly gives to other people, most of which work with her at the Seminole Hardrock Casino. There’s more than a few instances of such, and to those that give her the time of day, its gotta be the worst gift of their life- kinda like that birthday no one shows up to, or that Christmas your uncle Jamie touched you inappropriately. She preys on her unsuspecting victims by pretending to be the perfect housewife, and that, my friends, is how she ropes you in. Now that you’re strapped in, she’ll probably tell you that she’s bipolar type 2 with impulse control disorder. No big deal, right? Not until that disorder rears its ugly face when she runs out of marijuana or pepsi….both of which she uses to “medicate” her cornucopia of mental instability, with a healthy dash of daddy issues to boot. To make matters worse, this unmedicated, unstable piece of work is armed with firearms that she pointed at her boyfriend once while she was drunk….with a hollowpoint round loaded in the chamber. Her favorite topic is eugenics and if you take a look at her facebook, you’ll find that in addition to what already seems like a whole lotta “fuk that,” you’ll find that she has quite the penchant for putting other races down while arguing that “its not a crime to be white.” She’s said things about her patrons who play at her tables along the lines of, “at least I wasn’t born black,” going so far as to use the N word freely and proudly. She denies her superiority complex unapologetically, as if its the greatest thing to be white- like its the “American Way.” She’s nasty in more ways than one, I’ll tell ya h’wut. She’s such a sloot that she even had to call her ex boyfriend just to tell him who she fuked the night before, which was an unfortunate doctor, whose life she probably ruined too. She’s a horrible person who sees no wrong in what she does and it doesn’t seem to bother her one bit. Someone needs to stop that nasty hoe in her tracks before she fuks with the wrong one.