Cheaters Mike Patrick Graham

Mike Patrick Graham – Florida

Mike Patrick Graham was an ex from 27 years ago. Over his 27 years of married life he tried to see me many times. When his wife left him and moved back to Ohio I agreed to see him. During that visit he found out I was going on a cruise with my daughter and he begged to tag along. He said he would pay me $500 at the start of the trip and the balance when we got back. He never gave me the $500 and gambled it all away. While waiting for a pay check to clear he begged like a baby to borrow $500 more so he could gamble. I refused but his begging made it really uncomfortable. His check cleared and he gambled that away as well. He didn’t have $7 for a water taxi or $1 for a snack. It has been over 2 months and he has not paid a dime and will not communicate. Stay away from him, he is full of lies and deceit. He has the money to pay me back back, he is an aircraft mechanic at Big Sky Aviation in Melbourne Fl. They call people an ex for a reason.