Canada Mike Lange

Mike Lange – Canada

My husband of 6 years (relationship of 13 years) met a gay man In Florida on a business trip. Apparently they “connected” and were up until 1 am doing God knows what, probably f*cking up the *ss. He continued to cheat on me from March 2011 until (he claims) October. He says he’s not in contact with him anymore, but Mike is a consummate liar. He doesn’t know how to tell the truth. He trolls gay porn websites frequently. And he continued to have gay phone sex with Jeff Doucet, while being married to me. A warning to all girls out there, he is trying to hide that he is gay from everyone, so he will try to date girls. It hurts to have found out his lifestyle after 13 years. No one deserves to be treated like this! He is an *sshole who also emotionally abused me for months to hide what he’s done. We are now seperated after I found out what he’s been doing. Then he had the balls to tell me he loves to SUCK D*CK