Cheaters mike ibraheem zahriyeh

Mike zahriyeh, ibraheem zahriyeh, mike ibraheem zahriyeh – New York

Almost 3 years ago I thought I met the love of my life. Only to learn that he had been seeing 3 other women, while he was with me. One day one of those women even answered his facetime, and he was caught.

Stupid me stayed with him when he cried saying he would never do that again and had insisted that we were not together exclusively. Even though I was already having unprotected sex with him. I later learned that the cheating did not stop there. We broke up for a few weeks until he showed up to my job one day. He claimed he was a changed man!!! And stupid me took him back.

Now he had lost his job and he admitted to me that 1 of the girls had given him 5k dollars and he couldnt just cut her off or she would be mad. This should have clicked in my head but it didnt… i was so deep in love and stupid. smh

We remained together for 2.5 years and throughout the relationship he cheated over and over again. He used me for money, made me quit my job, and he used to abuse me really bad during sex. He would slap me, choke me, grab me so hard it would bruise me, pull my hair, and make me go into positions that would reaally hurt me and make me cry. I dont know why i subjected myself to this but i did ? He even recorded all of this with a camera in his room.