California Mikaela Hook

Mikaela Hook — Visalia, California

So I been married for 3 years have known my husband for 4 years we have a two year old girl and when he confessed he cheated I was 29 weeks pregnant he had told me that he had met her at Walmart and that her name was Maria Gonzales and that she was better in bed than me that he had lasted longer with her that she looked better than me and way many things more and well he left the house to live on his own but yeah right he was letting that whore stay with him knowing she is engaged and she was fuking my husband and her fiancé that’s not a whore? I ended up finding this a little bit after he left also that they work together and would meet up at the parking lot to leave together and fuck around at public places until my husband got his own place and started buying her everything she wanted and her taste something he never did too me he just wanted us to keep living at my parents house now the next part my husband got drunk and f**ked her and didn’t use protection like the other times and cumed inside her and she made him get her a plan b pill and if that don’t work she is going to make him pay for an abortion. He is over there wasting money on a whore that legally belongs to my daughters and me which by the way my second baby came early at 37 weeks due too all the stress he put me through but she’s healthy and I thank God now that everyone knows who that bitch is he gets drunk and messages me telling me he wants me back and stuff screw that his whore can keep him and hopefully by this post her fiancé finds out what type of bitch she is.