Cheaters Mickey Horn

Mickey Horn — Longmont, Colorado

This man will ruin your life his name is Mickey Horn Uses single moms. He will cheat on you over and over. He poses and a good dad on fb but hes a pig. He only cares about sex ans has mulyiple women pregnant! After our daighter died he cheated on me at least 6 times. He tries to turn sh*t around on me. Hes a jealous jerk and will abuse you and then has sex with mutiple woman. He was also abusive towards my kids!! Leave this guy alone. Even the girls he cheated with stay far far away from him. He is bad bad news! His dad abuses his wife too. He is very abusive and a big big cheater stay far away unless you eant your life ruined. And he wont be honest either! Nothing but a lying abusive cheater!! Especially after our daughter passed away who is such a low life to cheat on his babies mom… him!!! He is also a fraud him and his family forges documents and his daddy pays his bills… he acts like he has a lot but he wouldn’t have shit without his dad buying him shit. The fool gets food stamps and gets them fraudulently!!