Cheaters Michelle Monis

Michelle Monis — Billerica, Massachusetts

Let me just be clear that the following incidences happened not just once but numerous of times. Also not just me numerous people have approached me and told me similar stories involving the same person. all relevant clearly it takes two to deceive butt it was more than clear on multiple occasions and after personal conversations that this person was in a relationship with me. She lied and tried to play it off like she didn’t know and well you can clearly see the story speaks for itself including screenshots of the conversation. While I was locked out of my apartment at the door. They continued to sext. I live here with my six-year-old son. My boyfriend’s profile had public pictures clearly at the time of both of us which were evident and seen. She continues to contact him on a regular basis. Trying to convince him to leave when at this point it’s completely unnecessary because he’s more than halfway out the door. She’s homeless jobless and from multiple sources I have also been told she’s a drug addict. Even so on are clearly she’s more than happy to attempt to steal someone else’s partner. The conversation continues and I have no problem with anybody with questions to contact me. I assure you everything in the statement is true and I have evidence to prove all of it. I hope this warning is found you soon enough before she tries to destroy someone else’s household.