Arkansas Michelle Mayo

Michelle Mayo — Fort Smith, Arkansas

This little girl decided at almost 17 to hit on my ‘husband’. We got in to an argument on Facebook because I wouldn’t add as a friend and she didn’t like that. But this little girl was a waitress at my ‘husband’s’ store, him being the general manager, so not only was the age gap inappropriate, he was her boss, and it was against regulations for him to be friends outside of work. I thought everything was left alone until my ‘husband’ started not coming home and started staying way past closing time. Fast forward .. my ‘husband’ decided he didn’t want to come home for new year’s 2016. Jan 2 and he left for good. 22 days later and he’s in a committed relationship with this child, 17, and not even spending time with our daughter. Casey, just a few weeks shy of turning 27 and this just turned 17 yo kid have been together ever since. They both need to be acknowledged for being home wreckers. Him because instead of trying to salvage our family, decided to abandon it and start sleeping with his under age waitress. She knew about our family, our daughter, and the fact we were struggling in our relationship. Both are disgusting. Since Casey left his family for this kid, he has almost completely stopped seeing our child. He doesn’t call to speak to her or to even ask how she’s doing. He’s became a dead beat daddy so can play sugar daddy to that kid. He doesn’t pay child support. Nothing. It’s like he’s forgotten about our daughter altogether. That kids mother approves of her daughter’s home wrecking abilities and says that I been a better woman or else a child wouldn’t have been able to take him from me. That kid told me that she’s so thankful i was a lazy fat ass because it allowed her to find the love of her life. I feel that if they’re proud of their behavior, they should be publicly acknowledged for it. So kid, Casey, and Sharon.. be proud, you’re acknowledged.