Cheaters Michelle Jarman Lewis

Michelle Jarman Lewis — Frankfort, Indiana

My cousin recently found out that her husband of 6 years has been carrying on a very active affair with this PIECE OF TRASH. He met her on a “Boys Only” trip and have been hooking up ever since and they don’t care who sees them. She’s always crying about her “dead son” but we think she does it to get sympathy from married men that otherwise would never give her ugly face and sloppy gut a second glance. We’ve now heard from a very reliable source that she attacked a girl in a hotel they were staying at together because she perceived the stranger was flirting with “her man”…..A MARRIED MAN! She has tried to contact my cousin several times to reveal the affair so he would leave his wife and be with her. She’s nothing more than a support system for a nasty VAGINA. She is mean and dirty as they come. F**k her and the BITCH she fell out of!