Cheaters Michelle Ferris

Michelle Ferris — Killarney, Ireland

This is Michelle Ferris, from Killarney, Ireland. Pretty? Certainly…in a trampy kind of way. But behind those looks that will one day fade lies a vacuous and empty-headed dirty little tramp. Michelle Ferris didn’t quite manage to steal my partner of 7 years, but it wasn’t for want of trying. Fortunately, I unravelled her little plan just before it came into fruition and she had to put her filthy box away for another day. But for all Michelle Ferris slutty efforts, she certainly deserves a prime place amongst the finest homewreckers for ever more. And the fact she had a boyfriend all along, who has no clue he is going out with a tramp makes me all the more determined to warn anyone I can about this deceiving little ho bag. Michelle and I live in the same village of Beaufort, Killarney. My partner and I moved here a couple of years ago. The very first day I saw her in my local I could tell she fancied my partner. My partner’s almost 40 and tramp is 22 (and has a boyfriend in his 30s….yeah I know daddy issues galore here). But considering she seemed like a nice chatty girl who always made an effort with both me and my partner I thought I was just being insecure and pushed it to the back of my mind that underneath it all might lurk a devious little slut. Soon Michelle stopped going to her own local and started visiting our local…all the time…without her boyfriend. At the time she made some ridiculous excuse about not being able to go to her own local anymore. But I remember at the time thinking “you just did this because you want to see more of Pat” However, again I put it down to insecure thoughts and pushed it away as soon as I thought it. (Lesson learned: always, always trust your instinct). Yet more and more Michelle started appearing in our local, always managing to sit beside us or whoever we were sitting with, always catching her staring at my partner, always asking my partner and nobody else to go for cigarettes with her outside (and not returning for 20 minutes), buying cream for my partner when he complained of a sore arm (I mean hello? Who the fuck does that?), rubbing said sore arm in front of me like some masseuse slut….Looking back I’m convinced the poor fool thought she was actually going out with him in her mind for a while there LOL. Meanwhile it became harder and harder for me to bear. My partner was adoring the ego boost. I could see his delight as she stroked his arm and I kicking his foot under the table. It was like I wasn’t there. Eventually I confronted him not being able to stand it anymore. He told me I would never have to worry about something like that and hugged me tight. I believed that was all I needed to know. Yep more fool me. Fast forward two weeks later and he has fallen asleep mid message to someone on the phone. And there it was….snapchat message after snapchat message from the little ho herself. I was carrying a plate and it just fell out of my hand and smashed to the ground. Screaming I grabbed the phone. I only managed to see a couple of messages before he grabbed the phone and deleted them but it was enough. The damage and pain was done. My cunt-struck partner begged for forgiveness straight away. He told me she lured him in by telling him she had bought a butterfly dildo! I don’t for one second believe he was innocent in all this but I mean a butterfly fucking dildo????Like what the fuck is wrong with these sluts? And from there he was hooked god love him and they just kept messaging. I lost it with my partner there and then and we fought for months afterwards. Thanks tramp. Meanwhile back to tramp. Michelle Ferris, Killarney (doing this for SEO reasons so she comes to the top of Google obvs) denied it all and still does to this day. She even created fake snapchats to pretend it was a message meant for her sister, not my partner. I guess she was terrified of her boyfriend finding out but tough titties Nora – when you play with fire you got to take the burns that go with them. Also no doubt she is terrified of damaging this reputation she has carved out in the village as the Mother Theresa of the animal world….with a preference for the cock clearly! Why am I doing this? I want to teach her a valuable life lesson. So that she never again causes pain like this to another woman. Because her selfish sluttiness to try and take what wasn’t hers so deviously and underhandedly caused immeasurable pain. It destroyed the trust of a very happy relationship for so many months and I’m fucking angry about that. Angry about her playing the victim….that it’s all a misunderstanding. No fucking way. She needs to realise she was a willing accomplice in causing that pain. She made that decision to act the ho. So sick of women getting off lightly with this shit. Women should have the moral fibre to not do this too each other. It’s cruel and it is one thing I can say I have never nor would ever do to another woman. Don’t take what isn’t yours sluts! Secondly, I want her partner to know eventually, and anyone from this village who has believed her sorry little tale about sending the wrong message (since I’m not from here originally I wouldn’t know as many people). Michelle Ferris you acted the slut, you pretended to befriend us so you could lure in what wasn’t yours, you got found out but denied it all, and you are still playing the victim. You’re not the victim you dumb fuck, you’re just a tramp faced ho that got found out xxx