Cheaters Michelle Colon

Michelle Colon — Whinermere, Florida

I have been married to this man for 5 years. Have 2 children with him ages 3 and 7months. I have been ither him through thick and thin. There where periods in our relationship both before marriage and after that we had nothing. I mean nothing, we where homeless and living in tents in the woods and in our car. This was NOT do to drugs, but the simple act of unkind people we put our trust in. My Husband was also my high school sweetheart and my first kiss. But life had other plans for us in our younger years. Anyways flash forward 11 years… My Husband has a PS4 and play alot of online gaming. One day I hear a female voice I ask him about it.. Oh it just some girl she is in a relationship. Nothing to worry about it love you… Fast forward a few months he comes into our room drunk and crying “I’m sorry I’m so sorry please for give me I messed up. Now there’s this thing with online game/sex” Hello is to drunk for me to complete understand him so the following morning I ask what he was talking about here said he couldn’t remember. Well after he logged on to his game he comes and says “I’m sorry I was flirting that guy was complaining about her abusive boyfriend and how she was horns. So I flirtes.” I don’t believe a word of it so I told him if he was to continue to game with her I wanted to see ALLISON forms of communication. Forward 2 or 3 months. I wake up in the middle of of the night to find my husband not in bed I go to his game room sitting on our computer desk is his phone with some girl on vedio chat laying in bed. He is in the bathroom I confront him “ARE YOU CHEATING” he seems confused and walk into the room and closes the vedio chat on his phone I grab his phone off the desk and start going through it… right there on his screen is a picture of her booby and he saying you’ll already saw my ass. And her convincing her under faulting love for him. How much she cares for him and don’t want to lose him. And how he is so funny smart and sexy. And giving him her cell number. I try to confront the girl she refuses to answer or respond to me. But messages my husband she is sorry for causing her trouble let and she is going to go kill her self…. Please honey as if…. Now my Husband is 100 at fault for this too. And now he is facing the end of a 5 year marriage and supervised visits with the kids.