Australia Michelle (Chelley) Blake

Michelle (Chelley) Blake — Victoria, Australia

When my partner and I first started dating, only a couple of months in, she got her ex to message me saying my partner was cheating on me. That she slept with him in the early days. At this time, my partner was away for work and I gave him a call. Having both of us been cheated on in the past, I told him about the messages. After we worked out it was Chelley, my partner was furious as they were still friends. He told her off for the whole situation and she told him that when he realised he didn’t love me, that she would be gone. My partner and I have now been together for a year and half, with a 5 month old baby and another one on the way, and to be married the end of next year. So much for him realising he doesn’t love me. She’s an absolute troublemaker and likes to cause drama where it isn’t needed. Watch out for this one.