Cheaters Michelle Baker

Michelle Baker — Johnsburg, Illinois

Nine years and a two month old baby later… Hello folks introducing Michelle baker, A homewrecking meth whore. Claims she loves my ex unconditionally, but yet Dosent even know his birthday, instead of attempting to encourage him to help support his two children she instead sits in and out of hotel rooms and couches with him smoking meth, and any other drug she can stomach. She’s 27 no job, no car, no education and GUESS WHAT! We all pay in hard earn taxes working 40 hours a week to send this junkie a check on the first so she can oh guess what? Blow it on meth. She refuses to let the father of two kids leave for more than 45 minutes to see his kids. She speaks on mothering of others but yet has no kids… Claims she hates them but stole a man who has two kids..? She’s slept with both of his ex best friends might I add, and claimed she loved them too ALL IN ONE YEAR , and OH one of them was married too! she deserves nothing more but to end up a homeless bum on the corner sucking dick for a meth bag. If you like scummy beat up 27 year olds with dentures, that have nothing to offer ? Offer up a free bag and I’m sure she’ll go!